Committed to transforming
the treatment of severe, chronic
autoimmune diseases.

Committed to transforming
the treatment of severe, chronic
autoimmune diseases.


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Denis Bedoret, Ph.D.,
Imcyse Chief Executive Officer

At Imcyse we are passionate about changing the way serious immune diseases are treated. At the heart of everything we do is our mission:

pioneering an approach that could prevent, treat and potentially cure some of the most challenging diseases in one of the most underserved areas of modern medicine. Achieving this goal starts with our employees and consultants, because we know that we perform at our best when we work together. If you are committed and ardent about immunotherapy and want to pursue a career with the potential to change people’s lives, Imcyse is the place for you.

At Imcyse, you will find people from a wide range of backgrounds, from scientists to office support, coming together to do their part in making our shared goal a reality. Home to the Imcyse family are our purpose built premises, located in the Walloon Region of Belgium, one of the leading centers for talent and R&D within Europe.

Meet the faces behind Imcyse & learn more about our Teams and what they do:

  • Meet Adem

    our Clinical Project Manager

    "Innovative science and helping people: two components that motivates my enthusiasm for clinical research."

    Adem joined Imcyse in February 2022 bringing with him extensive knowledge in drug discovery that he has gained through his work at GSK and leading positions in Actelion, Roche and the CRO 4Clinics. He holds a Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of Basel and a diploma in clinical research from the University of Geneva.

    “As a clinical project manager at Imcyse, I couldn’t ask for a more central role in driving the development of cutting-edge medicines such as the Imotope™ technology." Together with his team, Adem is responsible for managing all clinical development activities ranging from regulatory affairs to setting up, coordinating and leading clinical studies.

    “What intrigues me at Imcyse is the vibrant team of dedicated and positive people, all with the same goal: to effectively bring solutions to patients suffering from autoimmune diseases that are in desperate need of alternative therapies.”

    He is married and is the father of a young, lively son who feeds his endless curiosity daily. In his free time, Adem enjoys travelling and the outdoors.

  • Meet Anthony

    our Research Associate

    "I have a great interest in science and a strong desire to help people, working at Imcyse gives me the opportunity to combine both."

    Anthony first joined Imcyse as an intern during the last year of his master’s in biomedical sciences at Université Catholique de Louvain. “My first contact with Imcyse during my time as an intern, really left a positive impression on me. This, together with the possibility of doing research in an exciting field led me to join the Company a year and a half later as a research associate.” Since 2021, Anthony has been part of the dynamic and motivated Cell Biology Team designing and realizing experimental protocols to develop the Company’s immunotherapeutics.
  • Meet Isabelle

    our PhD, Project Leader

    "At Imcyse, I have had the chance to join a highly motivated team to finalize the preclinical package of the multiple sclerosis program, a disease which, for personal reasons, affects me particularly."

    Isabelle is biochemist by training, she holds a Ph.D. from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Liège, and worked for eight years in the field of microbiology diagnostics before joining Imcyse.

    Isabelle joined Imcyse in 2019 and played a pivotal role in advancing the Company’s MS program into the clinic. “Bringing therapies one step closer to patients who are in desperate need of new treatment options has been particularly rewarding.”

    With the start of the clinical trial, Isabelle now leads the program dedicated to optimizing the mode of action of the ImotopeTM platform. “This new role is also really challenging and is focused in advancing the Imotope technology which is key for future developments of Imcyse.”

    In her free time, she enjoys sports, dinners with friends and, of course, chocolate!

  • Meet Christophe

    our Head of IDT and CMC

    "I am detailed orientated and enjoy working in teams where everyone has complementary experience and skills. Every challenge in my daily work is an opportunity to improve the way we work, the way ImotopesTM works, and our knowledge of immunology."

    Christophe joined Imcyse in February 2022 as Head of IDT (Imotope Development Team) & CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls). After a PhD in organic chemistry at the University of Namur and several years in the world of CMOs (Lonza, Eurogentec), Christophe wanted to direct his career towards the pharma and biotech world for which he was supplying peptides and oligonucleotides at that time.

    “To be honest, my job title often leads to confusion as it is not common outside the company, but I liked it right away as it highlights the two different but complementary roles”. On the one hand, I enjoy developing and characterizing new Lead Candidates and on the other hand, I can use my experience to develop and coordinate the CMC activities. This breath of function allows me to be in contact with many internal and external teams which will broaden my horizon.”

  • Meet Aurélie

    our Research Associate

    "Conducting an experiment from the design to the report might be a long path, but it always helps us to move forward in our understanding of science. From both a personal and scientific perspective. In my job, I can say that I wake up every day determined to learn, contribute to innovation and make a difference for patients"

    Aurélie joined Imcyse as a research associate in 2021 after graduating with a master’s degree in biomedical sciences from the Université de Liège. Together with her team, she is taking part of the design and conduct of experimental protocols for different projects that drive the company’s ImotopeTM platform.

    “Arriving as junior within Imcyse, the team spirit and the intellectual rigor gives all of us the opportunity to evolve and advance. Scientific research requires you to get out of your comfort zone and to adapt, which makes every day different and unique but always full of enrichment.”

    In her free time, Aurélie continues to collaborate because she is also volleyball player!

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